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Sep 9, '2019

Are dogs good for our health?

Posted by WLP Team on Sep 9, '2019

We have all heard the phrase, "Dogs are a man's best friend", but just how true is it? Research carried out in recent years points to this being more accurate than you might think, with dog ownership being linked to a number of both physical and mental health benefits. Read on to find out more...

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Jul 24, '2019

How to check for ticks

Posted by WLP Team on Jul 24, '2019
Ticks are at their most active during the summer months, so if you work with animals it is important to know how to check for them and what to do if you find one. Our resident vet nurse explains all...  

What are ticks?
Ticks are small, spider-like creatures that we tend to find in long grassy areas. Ticks can’t fly or jump but hold their front pair of legs stretched out to latch onto your dog by sensing body odours, heat and breathing as the mammal brushes past. They are usually found in long grass, where they are at a convenient height for passing dogs and other animals. Once attached the tick will then feed on blood before dropping off when full and perhaps tripling in size! As ticks thrive in grassy, woodland and damp marshy habitats, most ticks are picked up by dogs when out on walks.

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Apr 28, '2019

Spring is here! Advice for dog walking in warmer weather

Posted by WLP Team on Apr 28, '2019

Hurrah, it’s that time of year again where the sun starts to poke its head out from behind those winter clouds and bit by bit the temperature starts to creep back up!  The arrival of Springtime tends to feel like a welcome relief to most of us, the longer days mean the end of dark walks, bundled up, torch in hand. Instead, its time to start venturing out into nature and getting back to some longer, brighter and hopefully less muddy walks!

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Mar 8, '2019

Why become a dog boarder?

Posted by WLP Team on Mar 8, '2019

If you’ve ever spent time with dogs you’ll know the endless joys they can bring, however permanently welcoming a furry family member into your home isn’t for everyone.  Perhaps it’s not the right time for you to jump into full-time ownership, or maybe the costs associated are somewhat daunting. So why not think about the alternative of becoming a boarder?

If you have the ability to welcome a canine companion into your home for a couple of weeks, or even just a few days at a time, you could help to provide a comfortable home from home for a pet whose owners need to get away.  

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Feb 15, '2019

A day in life with We Love Pets | Hayley – Trowbridge

Posted by WLP Team on Feb 15, '2019

Hayley has been with We Love Pets since September 2018 as a dog walker and pet sitter with our Trowbridge team, and couldn’t be happier!

Hayley loves spending time with a variety of dogs and travelling to a variety of areas, which is why she chose to be a part of the We Love Pets family. She loves being a house sitter and dog walker for We Love Pets, and recently had fun house sitting for 7 dogs at once!

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Feb 15, '2019

A day in life with We Love Pets | Cheryl – Swindon

Posted by WLP Team on Feb 15, '2019

This is the perfect job for me. This is heaven, not work!

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Jan 30, '2019

The health benefits of becoming a dog walker

Posted by WLP Team on Jan 30, '2019

"I feel so much happier with my new body shape and diet as I no longer sit down all day eating biscuits and cake!"

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May 30, '2018

A day in the life of We Love Pets | Gordon – Reading West

Posted by WLP Team on May 30, '2018

Gordon is one of our dog boarders, as well as a dog walker, and has been a valued member of the We Love Pets team in Reading for nearly 4 years, after responding to one of our adverts on

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May 30, '2017

A day with We Love Pets | Annabelle – Marlborough

Posted by WLP Team on May 30, '2017

Annabelle has been with We Love Pets for over three years as a dog walker with our Hungerford and Marlborough team.

We Love Pets (WLP) was set up in Newbury and Hungerford (Berkshire) in 2007. The idea was to provide a professional dog walking and dog boarding service for customers busy at work or away on holiday. WLP have looked after thousands of dogs since it was established 9 years ago.

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