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Hayley has been with We Love Pets since September 2018 as a dog walker and pet sitter with our Trowbridge team, and couldn’t be happier!

Hayley loves spending time with a variety of dogs and travelling to a variety of areas, which is why she chose to be a part of the We Love Pets family. She loves being a house sitter and dog walker for We Love Pets, and recently had fun house sitting for 7 dogs at once!

We recently spoke to Hayley to ask her what her typical day looks like. Hayley said that her typical day begins with an early morning start, as she loves to be up and ready for the day. She may have dog walks scheduled for the morning or house-sitting appointments, and she’s always excited to see her canine friends that she looks after.

We spoke about her role as a house sitter and how she goes about her appointments. The dogs are always excited to see her, so it’s a quick hello and fuss before getting to work. This involves cleaning out and topping up the food and water bowls and any other extras that the customer might ask for – for example watering plants or collecting the post.

After she has carried out the basic tasks, the dogs are always up for a good fuss, some play time and treats. Hayley said that when house sitting, she loves to play with and train the dogs she works with – keeping the dogs occupied and entertaining them with new things.

“I love having fun with the dogs that I walk and house sit for and having the best time with them!”

Depending on what her schedule looks like, Hayley may walk some dogs in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. But she doesn’t mind what she’s doing as long as she’s seeing all the lovely dogs she looks after. Hayley loves her dog walks as much as she loves pet sitting and couldn’t choose between the two! This is one of the things she loves about her job as a dog walker and pet sitter for We Love Pets – it’s so varied and she has flexibility.

Hayley enjoys every aspect of her job at We Love Pets; from playing with the dogs in the park or looking after them in their homes, to working with the incredibly friendly team at We Love Pets Trowbridge. Hayley is truly passionate about the animals that she looks after and finds her role at We Love Pets extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

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