A day in life with We Love Pets | Laura – Reading East

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Laura is another of our fabulous dog walkers and has been with us since October 2016. As well as being an essential part of the dog’s days, Laura also pops in to feed, cuddle and look after our customer’s cats when needed.

Having two cats of her own, Leppie and Tarzan, Laura can easily relate to the individual personalities pets have. When we spoke to her she had just finished a walk with Davey.

'Davey is a beautiful Bulldog, and he suffers terribly with anxiety due to a difficult start in life, so we protect him from other dogs when we’re out on walks and make sure he gets extra cuddles if any over excitable dogs want to have a bit too much of sniff. He completely trusts me now and we thoroughly enjoy our time together, it is very rewarding.’

Laura works with the Reading team on average 15 hours a week, sometimes more if holiday cover is needed or a new customer needs our services.

‘I’m always happy to take on extra hours, this job showed me my passion is with animals and gave me the direction to pursue a foundation degree in animal behaviour, alongside working for We Love Pets.’

Some applicants love the idea of being outdoors with nature, others often worry they won’t see anyone all day, but Laura knows that’s not the case:

‘It’s not a lonely job at all because you inevitably see people regularly on walks and meet new people out and about too, but equally if you want your own headspace it’s perfect for that as well.’

As well as regular social events organised by the Branch Director, Laura met colleagues during the Pet First Aid course run by We Love Pets and meets fellow We Love Pets dog walkers out and about when on her daily walks.

‘We all get a uniform, so it’s easy to spot each other when you’re new.’

So, what tips would Laura share with anyone thinking of becoming a We Love Pets Dog Walker?

‘Get durable shoes! And equally as important, remember, the dog becomes completely your responsibility when in your care, so a genuine love for all animals is essential.'

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