Spring is here! Advice for dog walking in warmer weather

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Hurrah, it’s that time of year again where the sun starts to poke its head out from behind those winter clouds and bit by bit the temperature starts to creep back up!  The arrival of Springtime tends to feel like a welcome relief to most of us, the longer days mean the end of dark walks, bundled up, torch in hand. Instead, its time to start venturing out into nature and getting back to some longer, brighter and hopefully less muddy walks!

The arrival of the warm weather and extra hours of sunshine don’t only do wonders for us but for our gardens too.  Spring is a time when gardens return to their beautiful best, a gift for the eyes but not always for the rest of the senses, and our furry friends can suffer too.  Seasonal allergies due to pollen and hayfever can result in sneezing and wheezing from you both. To help out you might want to avoid walks in grassy meadows and make sure you wipe your dog down well once you get home.  Careful combing can remove dirt, debris and plant particles that may be contributing to their symptoms but if things get really bad you might want to visit your vet for some extra help.

And it's not only flowers outside that are a cause for concern, make sure you are mindful of those you may have in vases around the house too.  A number of Springtime flowers can be toxic to dogs and you will need to be careful if you have a nibbler or a digger as both the flowers themselves and often the bulbs too can cause an upset stomach (or worse) for your pet.  Lilies, daffodils, tulips and buttercups are just a few of the beautiful blooms that you need to be mindful of.

Whilst you are busy enjoying the warmer temperatures, your furry friend doesn’t have the same ability to remove a layer of clothing if they get too hot.  Depending on their coat type you may need to get them booked into the groomers as soon as you can to strip back that winter coat … its not only the cute Spring lambs that need a haircut!

It's not all bad news though, remember the good weather can inspire you to get out and about, venturing beyond your usual walks and inspiring you to find some beautiful new spots for you both to enjoy and explore.

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