Why become a dog boarder?

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If you’ve ever spent time with dogs you’ll know the endless joys they can bring, however permanently welcoming a furry family member into your home isn’t for everyone.  Perhaps it’s not the right time for you to jump into full-time ownership, or maybe the costs associated are somewhat daunting. So why not think about the alternative of becoming a boarder?

If you have the ability to welcome a canine companion into your home for a couple of weeks, or even just a few days at a time, you could help to provide a comfortable home from home for a pet whose owners need to get away.  

You get to enjoy all the benefits and companionship, both physical and emotional, without signing yourself up to a forever friend!  And you can feel happy in the knowledge that you are helping to give an animal a break which is full of the one to one love and attention they would have received at home … reducing stress for the pooch and providing peace of mind for the owner.

They get long walks and cuddles and in return you get all the health advantages of that extra exercise, including potential weight loss, topping up your vitamin D levels, healthier bones and joints and lower blood pressure.  And the advantages don’t stop there, a short term four-legged guest can also provide numerous benefits to your mental health and well-being, including fulfilling companionship, and reduced stress and anxiety levels. In fact, you may not know this but just being seen in the company of a dog is likely to make people view you as happier and more socially approachable!

So why not give boarding a go and become your own boss!  All we ask of you is that you have passion for animals, are home-based and you have a dog-friendly home with your own secure outside space - we’ll help you with all the boring bits like insurance, licencing and police checks!

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