The family business that’s leading the way in UK pet care

It all started with an entrepreneurial, pet mad pre-teen writing pet care guides and fun quizzes for her self-made Animal Care Club.

“I advertised it in the local paper without telling my mum - it was like a scene from Harry Potter when the replies started rolling in. She had no idea what was going on!” recalls Jo White, founder of leading pet care franchise We Love Pets.

You could say that her subsequent meeting with now husband Ryan White was meant to be. Similarly animal obsessed from a young age, Ryan grew up in rural Wiltshire fascinated by the local wildlife and animal behaviour. This fascination has since taken him across the globe on a number of ecological treks and animal training assignments.

Now parents to two young children and pet parents to two beautiful working Labradors, Amber and Red, Jo and Ryan are co-owners of We Love Pets, as well as a growing network of pet orientated businesses; including online animal training hub We Love Training and the newly launched cat and dog food brand We Love Nutrition.

So, what motivates this pet loving power couple?

“When we set up the first few We Love Pets dog walking and pet care franchises it became clear that there was a need for a quality pet care service which was properly regulated.” Jo explains.

“We were shocked by the bad practices we were seeing all around us, from walking huge groups of dogs at once – where the walkers had no control over what the dogs were doing, to unlicensed boarding where often pet owners would have no idea whether where they were staying was safe or suitable. With We Love Pets we set out to change all that, which is why we only use licensed boarders, and have a strict no pack walking policy. Our dog walkers are all insured, trained in pet first aid and DBS checked, too.

Our latest venture into pet food it’s all part of the same mission. Pet owners deserve quality pet care and pet nutrition – some of the big brand and supermarket pet foods contain so much cereal and as little as 4% actual meat. Pets are part of the family and they deserve real, nutritious food just like we do.”

What makes We Love Nutrition different?

“With We Love Nutrition we wanted to provide wholesome, nutritious pet foods that are convenient to use and made from quality ingredients. Our ingredients listings are really clear – we don’t try to hide anything with jargon. It’s made in the UK and we have full provenance on all of the ingredients, so we know it’s good quality. The positive feedback we have had so far has been overwhelming.” Ryan explains.

“We have a range of different recipes – including a best-selling Grain Free range so regardless of a pet’s dietary needs we have something for them. We also know first-hand how busy life can get with work, pets and young children especially, so we have a free delivery subscription service, so you never run out!”

What’s next for the We Love Pets family?

“We want every pet owner in the UK to know about our amazing pet food, and to continue raising the standard in pet care for everyone. We have even started offering accredited training courses to other pet care franchises and professionals because we are so passionate about the cause. Pets really do deserve the best and we think other pet owners believe this, too.”


Find out more about the We Love Pets here and We Love Nutrition here.





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