Why every dog walker should know canine first aid

Dog walking is so much more than a walk in the park – for an hour a day, we are entrusted with the wellbeing of people’s best pals. Not having a basic knowledge of canine first aid could be disastrous.

Here’s why…

Canine first aid will teach you to look out for warning signs.

Sometimes just the look of a dog or the presence of an irregular or ‘out of character’ behaviour can be a sign that something isn’t right. When you are trained in canine first aid you will be taught the basic things to look out for, such as lethargy, irregular breathing and signs of dehydration.

Basic first aid training will help you to react calmly.

There are three things to remember when you come across a pet related emergency:

  • Stay calm
  • Be safe
  • Call the vet

Sounds simple, but when faced with an animal in distress it is easy to go into panic mode and make the wrong decision.

Having an understanding of canine first aid will help you make an informed decision in those important first few moments after an accident has occurred. Checking airways, breathing and circulation being top priority with an animal in serious distress.

Dog breeds are very different – so is the method of CPR

The power of chest compressions depends on the size of the dog. A chihuahua is vastly different to a Doberman in terms of heart rate and the amount of pressure required. Learning the appropriate response for each type of dog could make all the difference in a bad situation.

Being prepared

Basic knowledge is one thing, but having the right kit is important too. Someone well versed in pet first aid will know which essentials they need. Gloves, bandages, gauze to name but a few! If there is a foreign body inside a wound, knowing the correct bandaging technique to avoid further damage will help, too.

At We Love Pets, canine first aid is part of the training process for all branches and we are delighted to now be able to offer our online course to other industry professionals.

Visit https://www.welovetraining.co.uk/courses/pet-first-aid-course/ to find out more and register your place.




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