We Love Pets Customer Promise

We guarantee our pet carers…

Will never pack-walk your dogs

We Love Pets will never pack walk

Every dog owner knows how difficult it is to keep an eye on their own dog, imagine what it is like trying to control more than four! Busy roads, traffic lights and unfamiliar surroundings provide a real risk when there are a group of dogs. Other dangers of walking in large packs include fights and bullying – which is more common in large packs, injuries – and the walker’s ability to deal with them effectively, the spread of illness and disease, and the sheer physics of one person being able to control a large number of dogs.

Will be fully insured

Fully insured customer promise

All our We Love Pets branches are insured through Cliverton, Protectivity or Pet Business Insurance. They have the most comprehensive insurance cover available to pet carers including care and custody of animals, public liability, non-negligent cover, third party liability, property damage, employer’s liability and key cover. This means that in the unlikely event of an emergency we are covered for every eventuality.

Will be police checked

Police checked customer promise

We understand that there is a huge amount of trust involved when you take on a pet carer. Often they will have access to our property and most importantly they will be responsible for our much-loved pets. We carry out police disclosure checks and work references on all new people. This ensures that team members have a squeaky-clean background when they work for us – for your peace of mind and ours, too.

Will be pet first aid trained

All of our pet carers will have been trained in pet first aid. We have a comprehensive health and safety policy (reviewed every year by a vet), which has to be followed by all staff. We avoid risks by not walking dogs’ groups larger than four dogs, as we then cannot then give each dog the attention they deserve. However if there is an incident, we will always try to take your pet to your own vet. In the event of an emergency, your pet will be taken to the nearest vets. We will contact you in this instance.

Will never make a mess or tread mud into your home

We Love Pets will never make a mess customer promise

We know what it’s like to come home from a walk with your dog covered in mud and worrying about your dog getting mud everywhere in the house. It’s a nightmare and, especially if you’re tired, you’d rather not deal with it – so we’ll deal with it for you. When we walk dogs, we allow time to provide fresh water, towel downs and some fuss. We allow twenty minutes for cat visits to give us time to clean, refill food and water bowls, and to check on your pets. You are more than welcome to book more time if your pets like a good cuddle.