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We're looking for reliable and trustworthy animal lovers to work part-time as pet sitters.

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Pet sitting at We Love Pets

Are you happy to be paid to visit someone's home and look after their pets while they're on holiday? If you're flexible, reliable and love spending time with animals we want to hear from you! 


How does pet sitting work?

Pet sitting is a great alternative for anyone who has pets that don't need 24-hour care and attention. As a pet sitter, you'd be asked to make regular visits to the customer's home to carry out essential care, make fuss and play with pets as often as required.


Job summary

Pet sitting is a very responsible and rewarding job which requires your commitment to look after a customer's pets as if they were your own while they are in your care. 

  • Various positions available
  • Visits during the day
  • Monday to Friday hours
  • Permanent jobs only (no temporary or holiday jobs)
  • Full training and insurance protection

Key people and teams

Report to the branch manager and work with the pet sitting team to provide a high-quality pet sitting service.


Main duties

  • Look after a variety of pets within their own home (cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles, fish)
  • Understand special requests and specific conditions for each animal
  • Give each animal love and attention
  • Take photos of the pets for their owners and update them regularly
  • Communicate with clients, including arranging visits with new customers (with your manager’s support)
  • Ensure schedules are up to date each week
  • Remove pet waste

Additional duties if required

  • Conduct initial consultations with new customers
  • Cover for team sickness/holiday


Candidates must be able to:

  • Submit for a police and reference check
  • Look after a variety of pets as if they are a member of the family
  • Complete a pet first aid course
  • Carry out some shadow visits before taking the job
  • Undergo training as required
  • Use their own car (insurance, tax and MOT required)
  • Know their local area
  • Have a reliable mobile phone and internet access
  • Write well and communicate clearly with clients and their manager
  • Follow instructions as well as being able to think on their feet and make decisions quickly when it comes to dealing with unexpected problems/situations that may arise during a visit


Training and development

We Love Pets is committed to staff development and offers a range of training and development opportunities, both within the branch and via our online training portal (We Love Training).

We really value our team and as part of this commitment we ensure all staff:

  • Receive a six-monthly appraisal along with regular one-to-ones
  • Are provided with a personal performance plan to support their career development
  • Have access to a wide range of training opportunities to help develop within their role
  • Are enrolled on our PAWs skills-based reward system

How to apply

If pet sitting for We Love Pets sounds like you then get in touch!

Please fill in our short application form to get the ball rolling. 

You will need to tell us which of our local branches is most suitable for you as well as detailing your previous experience with animals. It is also very helpful to us if you can state your available hours per week. 

Please make sure you have a current CV ready to upload to your application.


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Case study

Cheryl from our Swindon branch 

This is the perfect job for me. This is heaven, not work!

Cheryl’s job role at We Love Pets Swindon is as a pet sitter, primarily for cats – which we can safely say is her favourite animal. Cheryl is absolutely cat mad, and even owns 13 herself! Cheryl says she loves cats because they have so many different personalities; shy, affectionate and bonkers! She has so much fun on her pet visits that she doesn’t want to leave. But when she does leave, it’s happy in the knowledge that she’s usually about to carry out another pet visit and see more feline friends!

We asked Cheryl how many cats on average she visits. Cheryl explained that the job is very seasonal, and a lot of visits happen during the summer when owners are away on holiday. During the summer she will generally do 4 or 5 cat visits in the morning, and the same again in the evening – all down to the owner’s preference. But, of course, there’s often more than one cat in each house so there’s always lots of cats to see and look after. Cheryl said that being a pet sitter at We Love Pets is the perfect job for her, as she cares for and loves cats so much.

Cheryl said that it’s so hard to put into words why she loves cats so much – it’s a difficult thing to condense. While some cats can be aloof, it’s a common misconception that cats do not care, especially when compared to dogs. Cheryl cited this and said that it’s just not true for so many cats. “They are all over you and they will come up to you and give you so much affection and love – cats love a fuss! I’ve met so many wonderful and affectionate cats that I can’t help but love them all.”

A typical cat visit would be going into the house and greeting the cat, who usually comes running up to the door. Cheryl will give the cat a quick stroke before washing out their bowls, filling up food and changing the water. She’ll give their litter tray a clean and do a quick sweep of the house to make sure the cat hasn’t been sick anywhere. Cheryl has had one instance where a cat had been sick on their owner’s bedding, which she washed for them – nobody wants to come back from a two-week holiday only to see that their cat has been sick on their bed!

Once Cheryl has carried out these tasks, it’s play-time! Plenty of cats enjoy their play time, while others are content with curling up in a ball and snoozing after being fed. Cheryl always brings her own cat toys with her to add to the variety that the cat can play with. She found that laser pens, ribbon and scrunched up tinfoil balls make good toys to keep the cat active – she’s also found out that some cats absolutely love playing with drinking straws! Before she leaves the house, she makes sure that the cat is comfortable and has everything that it needs before checking the house and then leaving.

Cheryl strongly advises that anyone looking to become a pet sitter should absolutely do it!

“There is no downside with being a pet sitter, it’s not stressful and gives amazing job satisfaction. It’s been a dream come true.

You become friends with the pets. They’re like extended family and I love going to see them – even the grumpy ones! There’s one grumpy who I’m working on and I say, ‘one day you will sit on my lap!’ I live in hope that one day it will happen!”

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About us

We are a professional and award-winning dog walking and home boarding service that looks after thousands of dogs and other pets all over the UK. We Love Pets is family-owned, and operates from friendly local teams made up of animal lovers and pet owners.  

We are also an established business that has been helping owners take care of their pets for over 10 years. Our experienced teams are fully trained, insured and police checked for our customers' peace of mind.  

Our ethos is always pets first and we have a strict no pack walk policy. We guarantee the safety of the pets in our care, and their walkers or carers.

Our accolades include Emerging Franchisor of the Year in 2018 by the British Franchise Association and shortlists for the Top 100 Franchises in the UK rated by Elite Franchising for the last three years consecutively.