Tailored care

Your pup will benefit from age appropriate play and socialisation.

Ongoing training

More time to work on basic training and positive interaction.

Help and support

An extra pair of hands for those first weeks and months while you return to work.

The best of both worlds

If you want a puppy but work full time, you will need some outside help to make it work. The puppy stage doesn’t last long, but those early weeks and months of puppy ownership are intense, tiring and demanding! That’s where We Love Pets comes in.

The We Love Pets team is here to solve the practical issues around getting home throughout the day for feeding and toileting, as well as help your puppy develop into a well-balanced dog, through basic training and enrichment as they grow.

Our puppy package is specifically designed with working customers in mind and our caring, experienced team are here to support you from the day you bring your puppy home until they are old enough to join us on our regular walks from 6 months onwards.

Our puppy care service is perfect for full-time workers wanting the very best care for their puppy.


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We Love Pets puppy care package

Age 8-15 weeks

When your new puppy first comes to live in your home he will need plenty of sleep, interaction and regular toilet breaks.

Our puppy package gives you the peace of mind that your puppy is getting everything he needs during those all-important early days. Your puppy will receive three 30 minute visits per day.

During those visits, your puppy will get play, cuddles, toilet breaks, fresh water and food as necessary, and we will clean up any mess, too. Our carer will get to know your puppy and start to introduce basic training. 

Puppy care 2
Puppy care 1

Age 15+ weeks

Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated (your vet will advise on when this will be) your puppy will be safe to start meeting other dogs and joining in with walks.

Your pup will have plenty of energy to burn, but won’t be ready for a full hour at this point, so from 14 weeks onwards we will provide socialisation walks within this time, so they can explore the big, wide world in a safe way. The walks will depend on your puppy's requirements.

Those first social walking experiences are important, so we are careful to ensure that any other dogs your puppy meets are friendly and provide lots of positive interaction. We will work on basic lead training and work up to recall when your pup is ready.

Age 6 months +

From 6 months onwards your pup will be ready to graduate from our Puppy Package onto our standard dog walks


We offer dog walking, dog visits and puppy care in Solihull

Free puppy course

Written by our team of pet experts, this online Puppy Care course will guide you through all of the puppy essentials: feeding, care, socialising, training, carrying out puppy visits and much more.

Throughout the course, there are downloadable resources and training help sheets for you to use at home and on your visits as well as quizzes to test your knowledge.

Certificates and a puppy journal

When he's ready, your puppy will get a graduation pack including training certificates and a completed puppy journal.

Puppy session

Free puppy food

You'll also receive a free bag of grain-free puppy food from We Love Nutrition.

The puppy food has been developed by nutritionists to include high levels of quality protein to support growth. Plus calcium and phosphorus to ensure correct bone development. The food is made in Great Britain and responsibly sourced. 

You'll also receive a voucher code so you have free delivery for life on our subscription service, where the food is delivered directly to your door. Never run out of pet food again!