A loving home

Our dog carers will look after for your dog with as much love as you do.

Settled and happy

Your dog will spend the day playing, relaxing and exercising with a carer you trust. 


Company all day 

Your dog will have a doggy companion and dedicated carer while you're out.

The best doggy day out

Dog day care is a place for your dog to spend the day with a friend, play, exercise and relax in the care of a loving home. While you are at work your dog can enjoy walks, cuddles, naps, training, playtime and plenty of attention.

Going away for more than a day? Find out about our pet sitting and home boarding options.


Is my dog suitable for day care?


 If your dog gets on with other dogs and people, then yes, absolutely! Day care dogs are:

  • House trained
  • Up to date with vaccinations (including kennel cough)
  • Up to date with flea and worming treatment (using products recommended by the vet)
  • Friendly and sociable with people and other dogs
  • Some licence conditions mean that dogs under six months old and un-neutered males cannot be taken on daycare – please check with your local branch or consider walks and visits instead. 



Book a Dog Day Carer

Our dog daycare promises to you

Experienced dog carers

Our dog day carers are experienced dog owners who are used to welcoming new dogs to stay.

Experienced doggie day care
Licensed daycare

A safe, licensed home

We are fully compliant with home boarding regulations which include Local Authority inspections and licences.  

Fully exercised

We’ll discuss your dog’s exercise needs and walk them on routes that offer the appropriate level of physical challenge.  

Best doggie day care near me
Licensed dog day care near me

The right company

We’ll match your dog with a carer whose own dog is suitable in age, size and playability.

Diet and routine stays the same

Your dog will eat the same food they do at home and we'll also work around their usual routine too.

Dog day care with boarding licence
Day care socialisation and play

Socialisation and play

We'll help your dog feel more comfortable by rewarding good interactions and encouraging positive behaviour.