For your peace of mind.

Equestrian experience 

Trust your horse to an experienced professional. 

Relevant qualifications

Equipped to deal with everyday care and specific needs.  

Essential care for your horse, pony or donkey

We have a small team of grooms and horse carers who are dedicated and extremely reliable. 

We can provide the following services for your horse, pony or donkey:


Morning and evening stables

Turning out & bringing in

Poop picking


Holiday cover

Provide food and water for horses

Replace bedding

Clean equipment, such as saddles and bridles

Clean, brush and sometimes clip horses’ coats

Muck out stables

Watch out for changes in the condition of horses and report problems

Treat minor wounds, change dressings and give certain medications

Follow instructions from vets when treatment is needed


We are insured to provide these services but we cannot exercise horses. 


Need Horse and Equestrian Care?

Our horse and equestrian care promises to you

Trusted, professional carers

Your carer is first aid trained, fully insured and background checked for your peace of mind.

Horse carers
Horse Sitter

Fed and watered

We'll feed your horse at the time they are used to and ensure they have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Morning and evening stables

We are happy to keep to your horse's usual routine of morning and evening stables.

Stable cleaner
Livery help

Medication given if needed

Feel confident that your horse carer can administer medication properly and treat any minor wounds. 

Daily grooming

Your horse will receive daily grooming to keep its coat and skin healthy. 

Pony carer
Pony sitting

Regular updates and photos

See exactly how your horse is doing with detailed updates from their carer and pictures.