Fun and games

Your pup will enjoy plenty of interaction and entertainment while you are away. 

Basic training

We'll introduce your puppy to the basic commands and work on their recall. 

No mess

All accidents cleared up before you return home. 

Essential visits to your puppy while you’re at work.

Bringing a new puppy into the home is an exciting time! We understand that when you go back to work it is important that your puppy has as normal a routine as possible.

We Love Pets can help by providing daily visits to help take care of your puppy without the worry of leaving them alone all day. We will visit your puppy at times agreed with you and provide updates throughout the day (if required!).


What your puppy needs

Food and water – young puppies usually need small frequent meals and we will feed your puppy during the visit, as well as providing fresh water.

Regular cleaning – we’ll pick up any mess your puppy may have made and clean up after them. We will take your puppy outside to the toilet as soon as we get there and during the visit, to help with your puppy’s toilet training routine.

Fun and games – we will provide lots of puppy entertainment with fun and games, including playing with toys and interaction with your pet carer. We can also provide some basic puppy training to reinforce your training regime and to keep your puppy stimulated.

We’ll then settle your puppy down for their next visit, or your return home from work.


Growing up...

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated we are happy to include short walks, in your local area, to get your puppy used to different places, people, smells and sounds.


Puppy care if you work full-time

Learn more about our puppy care package.


Book a Puppy Carer

Our puppy care promises to you

A trusted, experienced carer

Our puppy carers are experienced dog owners who are used to handling a variety of puppies.

Puppy care
Puppy training

Fun, games and enrichment

We'll play with your puppy, reward good interactions and encourage positive behaviour.

Fed and watered to a routine

We'll help get your pup off to the best possible start by establishing a good feeding routine.

Puppy daycare
Puppy socialisation

Plenty of fuss and love

We'll give nervous pups their space and playful puppies lots of fuss and cuddles.

Any mess cleared up

If there have been any accidents then we'll clear them up thoroughly straight away and let you know. 

Puppy session
puppy care

Three visits a day

We'll make three, 30 minute visits a day for play, basic training and fuss for puppies aged 8-14 weeks.