Puppy training 101: Stand

If your puppy knows how to stand on command, he will not be as stressed in certain situations as he would be if you had to hold him in position, or were asking him to do something he is not familiar with. Much like with us, situations are a lot less stressful when you know what to do. You can teach your puppy to stand by following these easy steps.

The Stand cue is often overlooked when teaching puppies as a lot of owners don't think it's very useful unless you have a dog that's off to Crufts! However, it's one of the most useful things you can teach your puppy to help them cope in some stressful situations. For example, it can be used when you need to dry your puppy, remove burrs and grass seeds from longer coats, check for lumps and bumps at home, and for groomers and vets to carry out their jobs.

Teach your puppy to Stand by following these steps.

1. Ask your puppy to sit or lay down (if they are not able to do this yet, try the capturing method detailed later).

2. Hold a tasty treat in between your thumb and forefinger by your pup's nose and slowly draw it away from his nose. His head should follow the delicious treat and as the treat moves forward, the rest of him will follow and you will have a stand.

3. Praise your puppy and give him the treat when he is up on all fours, so he associates this position with a yummy reward.

Teaching stand

4. Repeat this until your puppy is standing reliably, then you can add the cue word 'Stand' as he is in the process of standing up so that he begins to associate the word with the action.

5. When he is standing ten times out of ten, start saying the word 'Stand' as you present the treat to him.

The way you move your hand with the treat will become the visual cue for the stand command.

FAQs for stand training

My pup is jumping up or walking

Are you holding the treat too high or moving too fast? Try a little closer or slowing it down.

My pup is biting and trying to mug my hand for the food

Try substituting a toy for the food. Using toys to teach this instead of food is also effective if your dog is more toy-motivated.

My pup isn't responding to the signal, treats or toys

In this case make sure it's quiet and there are no distractions, if he still isn't getting the idea you can try capturing the behaviour. This is like taking a snapshot of the behaviour you want when you see it. Whenever you see your puppy stand on his own say "Stand", then praise and reward him with a treat or toy. If you repeat this often enough your puppy will soon associate the cue "Stand" with standing up and you will be able to ask for a stand.

My pup is not paying attention

Are there too many things going on around you distracting your puppy? Can you move somewhere with no distractions? Do you need to up your game and try a higher value treat like chicken or cheese? Or does your puppy prefer toys or praise?

Try these puppy training treats

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Written by Amy Pearson

My special knowledge is all around dog training. I love trick training especially and have recently become a Canine Hoopers instructor. I think training shouldn't be about your dog obeying commands, but about your dog having fun learning with you. I've worked with dogs for around 15 years and trained at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. My own two dogs are completely different to each other! I have one little Maltipom called Rascal and a large German Shepherd called Fen - both are adorably daft! My two cats rule the house really though. What's so great about having a pet is that no matter how rubbish your day has been, they are always there to make you feel better! A house isn't a home without them.

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