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Dec 21, '2020

The Dangers of Rawhide Chews

With Christmas only a few days away, the clock is ticking to get those final stocking stuffers! When considering chew toys and treats for your pup, we advise against the festively shaped and coloured rawhide chews, and here’s why:

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Dec 3, '2020

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pets

Many of us love to be able to include our pets in the Christmas festivities. It is a time of giving and, as our pets are members of our family, we enjoy being able to gift them something as well!

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Dec 23, '2019

Puppy proofing your house this Christmas

Whilst we all want to include our four-legged family members at Christmas, there are a few things you may need to do to keep them safe and happy and your presents in one piece!

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Apr 12, '2019

What to do if your dog eats chocolate

With Easter just around the corner and plenty of chocolate around the house the risk of your dog eating chocolate is increased, particularly if your dog is very food orientated! Our vet nurse Sophie Baldwin VN has put together a fantastic guide to what to do if you think your dog may have eaten some chocolate including signs to look out for and types of treatment.

A lot of us don't really appreciate the potential threat that chocolate can pose to a dog. The most toxic part of chocolate is the substance theobromine. Humans naturally metabolise theobromine at a fast enough rate so the toxic properties are not harmful to us but dogs metabolise it more slowly. The pods of the cocoa plant also contain caffeine.

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Dec 20, '2018

Food pets should avoid over the festive period

Veterinary surgeries report that the number of pets coming into them with food-related issues over the Christmas period almost doubles. Our vet nurse, Sophie shares her tips on foods your pets should avoid, and what to do if they get hold of any...

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Feb 5, '2018

Luxury Gifts for pets

Harrods is a world famous department store full of designer products and designer price tags. The huge store has its own ‘Pet Kingdom’ fully equipped with a pet spa, pet store, canine cookie company and more!

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Jan 22, '2018

Helping your dog with the post Christmas bulge

Helping your dog with the post Christmas bulge 

By Vet Nurse Sophie Baldwin

Sophie used to run a weight loss clinic in her previous role, advising clients on how to manage their dog's weight loss. 

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Dec 11, '2017

Keeping pets safe at Christmas

Keeping Your Pets Safe at Christmas - 10 things to watch out for

Christmas is a wonderful time, full of excitement and celebrations with the family. Here at We Love Pets our vet nurse Jodie advises pet owners to watch out for a few winter hazards, to make sure their pets have a safe and fun filled Christmas too!

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Dec 5, '2017

10 Great Christmas present ideas for your dog

Dogs, by nature, are happiest when they feel they belong and Christmas can be a time when they may feel left out. Everyone else in the family is unwrapping presents and having a great time and it can appear that they have been forgotten. Even a small treat can re-establish their place as a loved one.

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