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Feb 22, '2021

Does my dog need toys?

Have you ever wondered the question, "does my dog really need toys?" In short, the answer is YES! We Love Pets Stroud and Tetbury's director, Sophie, explains why.

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Dec 21, '2020

The Dangers of Rawhide Chews

With Christmas only a few days away, the clock is ticking to get those final stocking stuffers! When considering chew toys and treats for your pup, we advise against the festively shaped and coloured rawhide chews, and here’s why:

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Dec 3, '2020

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pets

Many of us love to be able to include our pets in the Christmas festivities. It is a time of giving and, as our pets are members of our family, we enjoy being able to gift them something as well!

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Jul 8, '2019

Summer survival tips for dogs!

Summertime can be tricky for dogs. They don’t sweat like humans do and therefore can be vulnerable to dehydration and overheating when the weather gets warmer. There are plenty of things dog owners and carers can do to alleviate this. Here are some cool (see what we did there?) ideas from We Love Pets HQ:

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Nov 26, '2018

Are Winter Coats for Dogs Necessary or a Trend?

When deciding if your dog would benefit from a winter coat to protect it against the elements there are a few things to consider. The breed of dog, type of coat, dog's age and how active it is. Many breeds we have as our family pets are not native to the UK,  the Chihuahua, for example, is from the hotter climes of  Mexico or the Siberian Husky from the colder climes of Siberia and with that comes different types of fur.

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Dec 5, '2017

10 Great Christmas present ideas for your dog

Dogs, by nature, are happiest when they feel they belong and Christmas can be a time when they may feel left out. Everyone else in the family is unwrapping presents and having a great time and it can appear that they have been forgotten. Even a small treat can re-establish their place as a loved one.

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Jul 28, '2017

Best paddling pools for dogs

Paddling pools are the perfect solution to cooling your dog down. Most paddling pools are inflatable, and combined with sharp claws, they are likely to burst. There are plenty of paddling pools that are more dog friendly and should last all summer and more.

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Jun 28, '2017

Is my dog allowed ice cubes? Does it cause bloat?

Written by Dr Craig Waldron, Behaviour Vet 

Feeding dogs ice cubes is a great way to keep them cool on a hot summer's day but we've heard on the Internet that it could cause bloat. Dr Craig Waldron tells us all about bloat and whether we can give our dogs ice cubes.

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