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Feb 10, '2021

Pet Dental Health Awareness

February is National Pet Dental Health month and, just like humans, it’s important to look after your pet’s teeth! Dental health is vital to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing and making sure they have regular check-ups and cleanings are key.

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Jan 4, '2021

A New Years Health Check for Your Dog

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Jun 30, '2020

Dog grooming salon now open at Trowbridge!


On Monday 29th June, branch owner Jo celebrated the opening of her new dog grooming salon at We Love Pets Trowbridge with a ribbon cutting event. The new salon welcomed two clients that day for full grooms and a bath. Both left the salon feeling brand new!

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Jun 19, '2020

New dog grooming service coming soon

We are delighted to offer a new dog grooming service with our first salon opening at Trowbridge on Monday 29th June 2020! We’re expecting huge demand for our dog grooming service coming out of lockdown, particularly as our customers return to work and can have their dog walked and groomed hassle free by our friendly team at Trowbridge. It’s the perfect package for busy dog owners!

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Mar 26, '2018

Seasonal Dog Hair Shedding

Depending on the breed of dog the coat growth will vary. Some breeds shed hair all year round while others such as the Labradoodle were particularly bred for their low- shedding coat. In the case of the Labradoodle, it is the low shedding  'poodle' type coat that has come through in its breeding.

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Dec 18, '2017

Best dog coats and towels for winter weather

Keeping your dog dry, warm and clean-ish in the winter weather 

There are lots of dog coats and towels in the pet market. We've researched some of the very best  for keeping your dog warm, dry and clean in the wet, cold winter weather.

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Oct 5, '2017

Looking after paws & claws

by Sophie Baldwin, Vet Nurse and We Love Pets Franchisee 

Dogs naturally groom themselves, and their paws are part of their grooming sessions. They will chew at matts or things that make them itch a little. If the licking becomes excessive then it may indicate a problem which is either physical or behavioural.

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Sep 5, '2017

Looking after your dogs coat in Autumn

by Kim Apothecary, Expert Dog Groomer & Owner of Groomingdales

As we’re approaching autumn, and the wet, cold weather it brings, we spoke to top dog groomer Kim Pothecary from Groomingdales UK. She gave us some tips on keeping our dogs coats clean.

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