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Apr 6, '2020

Homemade Kong recipes to keep your dog busy

Kong’s are a great way to keep your dog entertained during days of being cooped up inside. They can be used as a tool to stop destructive chewing or just as a treat. Here are some recipes to stuff your dog’s Kong with and keep it interesting.

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Feb 11, '2020

7 Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your dog

Your dog thinks the world of you, so wouldn’t it be nice to treat them to something extra special this Valentine’s Day? With so many of us already buying our pooches Valentine’s Day gifts – 61% of Brits are expected to this year – it’s not much of a stretch further to show your dog how much you care and take them on a date! Whether you’ve got plans with a human partner or not, here’s some great ideas on how to spend more quality time with your doggy companion on Valentine’s Day.

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Mar 25, '2019

Easter Dog Recipes - chocolate free

Easter is a time filled with chocolate, Easter egg hunts and celebration. Unfortunately, we can’t share our Easter eggs with our dogs but here are some dog-friendly, Easter themed recipes so they don’t miss out on all the fun.

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Dec 5, '2017

10 Great Christmas present ideas for your dog

Dogs, by nature, are happiest when they feel they belong and Christmas can be a time when they may feel left out. Everyone else in the family is unwrapping presents and having a great time and it can appear that they have been forgotten. Even a small treat can re-establish their place as a loved one.

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