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Jul 11, '2022

Lost Pet Awareness Month

It can be heart breaking to realise our furry friends have gone missing, so since July is Lost Pet Awareness Month here are 6 top tips to help prevent losing your pet.  

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Jul 4, '2022

3 Ways to Help a Hot Horse

Summer is finally here! Glorious as it is, don’t you sometimes feel too hot? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Our pets can struggle too, especially in heatwaves. So, let’s take a special look at horses today, and how we can help them with overheating through the hot and humid weather.

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Jun 27, '2022

Keeping Rabbits Cool in Summer Months

Rabbits are unable to regulate their body temperature and can experience heat stress and heatstroke which can be fatal. As they struggle with unexpected changes to the temperature it is our responsibility to help them cool and prevent heat stroke.  

Look out for these signs and symptoms if you think your rabbit is experiencing heat stroke:  

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Jun 13, '2022

Bringing my Puppy Home - How to Prepare

Having a new puppy in your home is an exciting thing but it can also be unnerving for both you and your new pet. Before brining your pet home ensure to research the breed specific needs. This guide will help you prepare for the arrival of your new pet and ensure it has the best start in life!


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Jun 6, '2022

Ways to Bond with your Cat

If you are a pet parent, like myself, you would know that one of the greatest times in our day would be when we get to spend quality time with our pets.  

Whilst most people assume cats aren’t very fond of human company, I think us dedicated cat owners can confirm that this is not the case.  

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May 30, '2022

Pet Spotlight! All About Fish

For many families, fish tend to be the first pet, as they are assumed as an easy animal to look after. Once you begin to look deeper into the care that the fish will require, you may begin to notice that, contrary to belief, it is not true.  

Fish can be a big responsibility to have, even though they seem relatively easy to keep. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are all unique and serve a different purpose in life and will require attentive and routine care, depending on the type of fish you have.   

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May 16, '2022

Pet Trends: Names, Products, Breeds & Diets

It’s always fun to keep up with what’s new in the world of pets and see what’s growing in popularity. But what should really put a smile on our faces is that so many current and predicted trends are all about health, wellness, and wellbeing. How wonderful! Read on for the developing trends we’ve noticed that we think will stick around.

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May 11, '2022

Surviving Tick Season

The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the air feels a bit warmer – who doesn’t love spring!? However, it has one downside: tick season has started, and will last until the end of autumn.

That being said, animals can pick up ticks all year round, so it’s always good to be aware of how we can keep our precious pets safe, even outside of tick season.

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May 2, '2022

Do Snakes Make Good Pets?

Over the last 10 years reptiles have become very popular as pets.  Not surprising as they do not require the same exercise as dogs or horses, they sometimes only eat every 2 weeks or even less and are hypoallergenic! But do snakes actually make good pets? 

This really depends what you want from your pet.  If you want something to cuddle up with you on the sofa while you watch TV, then maybe a snake is not the best idea, although they are happy to be handled if they are purchased from being young, they do not have the domesticated traits we have come to love with our dogs/cats/rabbits etc.   

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