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Mar 4, '2021

Pet Poison Awareness & Prevention

Many cat owners know that lilies are poisonous to their furry family member, right? If the stamen of the lily is inhaled or digested, it can cause severe kidney damage. But it's not just lilies you should keep away from your pet.

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Dec 8, '2020

Meet Lucy - We Love Pets Kidderminster

Meet Lucy, an animal enthusiast and welfare advocate who’s ready to trade her two-legged customers for their furry, four-legged counterparts. When browsing franchise opportunities for her husband one day, Lucy stumbled upon We Love Pets; “I had no idea there was an existing franchise that fitted me so well!”

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Jun 15, '2020

Why exotics need pet care too

As exotic pets become more and more popular, one of the most common things we hear is that people struggle to find someone to look after them when they are away from home. Sadly, a lot of family members are often put off by having to feed frozen mice to a snake or handle crickets to feed a lizard or are just petrified of going anywhere near a tarantula tank! However, it is important that our scaly and hairy friends get the same care our furry friends do when you go away.

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Feb 27, '2019

Why pet sitting could be the perfect alternative to boarding

There is always an element of stress with holidays or business trips – planning, packing and then actually going. Having a pet sitter takes away the added stress of packing up all your pet’s essentials and toys to take to a boarder’s and then dropping them off the day before or the day you go. It makes life easier to leave everything at home and have one of our trusted pet sitters come to look after your pets in an environment that your pet is already comfortable in.

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May 14, '2018

Cat Sitting vs Catteries

Usually, your cat will be happiest and most confident in his own home. Like any pet, your cat can feel abandoned when left by their owner especially if they have never experienced this before. Your cat has no idea if and when you will return which can prove quite stressful for them. Keeping their territory and being looked after in their own home is the best solution for most cats. But what other benefits does cat sitting have?

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May 7, '2018

Dog Boarding vs Kennels

Almost every dog owner we deal with at We Love Pets finds it very difficult to be parted from their best friend, even for a few days. If they are going on holiday, they usually look for places in Britain so they can take their dog with them. They also focus on accommodation that allows dogs which, whilst the numbers are increasing, can still limit their choice and sometimes where in the country they can go.

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Mar 5, '2018

Pet sitting and holidays

Deciding where to go on holiday can often be the easiest part of planning a holiday. 

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