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Apr 1, '2021

Rabbit Care: What you need to know!

Spring is in the air, and with Easter this weekend, many of us instantly conjure up mental images of cute and fluffy rabbits, or possibly consider heading down to the pet shop to buy the kids their very own Easter Bunny.

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Feb 20, '2020

Everything you need to know about setting up your rabbit’s home

Deciding to get a pet rabbit is a really exciting time, but it can also be a bit confusing when it comes to knowing exactly what you will need for your new fluffy companion. We’ll take you through everything from knowing what size of enclosure to get to how much it will cost each month to feed your new rabbit.

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Oct 23, '2019

How to Look After Rabbits and Guinea Pigs in the Winter

Rabbits and guinea pigs can be housed comfortably outside all year round, however some slight changes need to be made in their daily care to ensure they stay healthy during the colder months.

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May 9, '2019

5 Bizzarre Rabbit Facts

Turns out there is much more to our long-eared pals than first meets the eye. Read on to find out...

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Apr 2, '2019

Happy Bunny Tips

Rabbits make wonderful family pets and are full of personality, so how do we make sure we are providing them with the happy life they deserve?

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