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Mar 15, '2021

Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Wildlife

As part of being a responsible pet owner we all try and make sure we respect the wildlife in areas where we walk our dogs, and that we also look out for hazards that might cause injury or disease. With the surge in new dog ownership during the pandemic, many may not be aware of potential threats when out in nature with their walking companion -especially if their dog is off lead and not always in sight.

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Mar 23, '2020

A dog walker's guide to avoiding ticks

As we approach what is commonly tick season from March to November it is useful to know as dog owners where the most common species of tick are found in the UK . We have had such a wet winter that it is likely conditions will be very favourable for ticks once the weather starts to warm up this year. It is very difficult to limit the spread of tick borne disease due to the prevalence of wildlife (hedgehogs, foxes, deer, badgers, birds and small rodents) that will be out in places where we like to walk our dogs.

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Jun 24, '2019

TICKS: Everything you need to know

As many pet owners will know, we are now entrenched in tick season. These pesky parasites are at their most active in the warmer weather from March to October, so now is the time to be extra vigilant and check your pet for ticks regularly. But what exactly are ticks, what should you look for and what do you do if you find one? Our resident vet nurse Sophie explains all...

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May 6, '2017

Removing ticks from your dog

By Sophie Baldwin, Vet Nurse and We Love Pets Franchisee 

Results of the tick project 

In 2016, the UK's biggest tick research project took place at Bristol University. Participating veterinary practices were asked to send in any ticks that were taken off dogs so that they could be analysed to find out the species. A short questionnaire was also filled in to accompany the tick on the dog’s history with regards to where it was normally walked and whether the dog had been abroad.

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