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Dec 20, '2021

How to keep your pets safe at Christmas

Christmas is that magical time of the year when most of us get in the holiday spirit by indulging in seasonal food, enjoying time with friends & family, and decorating the house with festive accessories - usually with the Christmas tree as the star of the show!

But as we enjoy the holidays, it’s also important to keep our pets in mind. Check out our tips for keeping your pets safe, healthy, and happy throughout the Christmas season.

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Dec 15, '2021

7 Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Pet

Family traditions are part of what make the holiday season so special, from Christmas caroling and baking cookies, to decking the halls and binge-watching classic films, we all have our own unique way of celebrating! And since our pets are an important part of the family, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to include them in the fun.

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Nov 30, '2021

4 Winter Walk Warnings

Autumn is well and truly here!

As the days get shorter and colder (and we get a little grumpier) heading into winter, there are plenty of new dangers to watch out for in keeping our pets safe when we’re out and about. Whether you let your dog, cat, or another pet outdoors, take note of these warnings.

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Jan 4, '2021

A New Years Health Check for Your Dog

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Dec 13, '2020

Why Horses Make Great Pets

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Dec 3, '2020

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pets

Many of us love to be able to include our pets in the Christmas festivities. It is a time of giving and, as our pets are members of our family, we enjoy being able to gift them something as well!

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Nov 26, '2018

Are Winter Coats for Dogs Necessary or a Trend?

When deciding if your dog would benefit from a winter coat to protect it against the elements there are a few things to consider. The breed of dog, type of coat, dog's age and how active it is. Many breeds we have as our family pets are not native to the UK,  the Chihuahua, for example, is from the hotter climes of  Mexico or the Siberian Husky from the colder climes of Siberia and with that comes different types of fur.

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Jan 1, '2018

Pets and Cold Weather

As winter is upon us dogs can become lethargic, just like us humans. You may notice they’re less active and wanting to sleep more to preserve body fat for insulation, and potentially eat more and hold onto their weight. (Mmmm... a lot like us humans!)  Their bodies attempt to build up food stores to see them through the colder months. In breeds that do not grow a thick winter coat they may actually lose weight and their feeding amounts may need to be increased to avoid this. It may be interesting for you to chart changes in your dog’s weight throughout the year to see if it matches the seasons.

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Dec 18, '2017

Best dog coats and towels for winter weather

Keeping your dog dry, warm and clean-ish in the winter weather 

There are lots of dog coats and towels in the pet market. We've researched some of the very best  for keeping your dog warm, dry and clean in the wet, cold winter weather.

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