The health benefits of becoming a dog walker

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"I feel so much happier with my new body shape and diet as I no longer sit down all day eating biscuits and cake!"

While we offer many services at We Love Pets across all our branches, the main service we provide is dog walking. Going on daily walks for at least 30 minutes will have an amazing effect on you and the dog you walk, both physically and mentally. Walking your dog also really helps to build upon the bond you share with your pet.

As with any physical exercise, dog walking has great fitness benefits, improving your stamina, lowering your blood pressure, improving your cardiovascular health and building up stronger muscles and bones. Taking a dog for a walk is an easy way to increase your physical activity – taking 30 to 60 minutes out of your day to go for a dog walk feels a lot less daunting than going to the gym, and it’s free!

Being out and around nature also helps to relax you, relieve stress and is a proven mood buster – exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Being able to get out of the house or a work environment to be around nature and exercising regularly can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and other mental health conditions, and assists with recovery.

“The benefits for my mental health are great! Everyday I get out into the fresh air and have fun with my dogs – there is no better company out there!!” - Jo Mumford, our Trowbridge branch director.

We have several examples from our branch directors and their members of staff on how being with We Love Pets has really boosted their health. Many have lost weight, with some losing up to two stone since they started! These are all amazing and inspiring achievements. Losing weight also improves your vitality, mood and energy levels.

“I previously had an office job for 12 years so spent a lot of time sat down eating. Within 2 months of opening my branch I lost around 1 stone of weight. I feel healthier as I can run up a flight of stairs and walk further with my dogs without feeling exhausted. I wasn’t terribly overweight before but feel so much happier with my new body shape and diet as I no longer sit down all day eating biscuits and cake.” - Jo Mumford.

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