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Sep 5, '2022

Pet Photography Tips and Tricks!

Whether our pictures are predominantly tug of war shots, or 101 places our cat sleeps, pet owners’ camera rolls are likely to be 90% pet photography. If your photographs tend to be one perfect picture in a hundred blurry shots of frantic zoomies, try these tips to improve your shots!

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Sep 5, '2022

Should I Groom My Cat?

When it comes to grooming, your cat’s flexibility and the small spikes on their tongue make it easy to remove loose fur, and to spread around the oils on their skin, keeping them clean and parasite free, as well as helping them regulate their own temperature. 

However, it is also beneficial to groom and brush your cat, especially longer haired cats. Here are some benefits: 

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Aug 29, '2022

4 Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

As temperatures warm up outside, some cats will be outside enjoying the summer sunshine, but others might be susceptible to sunburn and heatstroke.

Cats usually regulate body temperature themselves, but flat nosed breeds, long and thick furred breeds, older and poorly cats, and overweight cats may need a little help keep themselves cool. Here’s how: 

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Aug 8, '2022

International Cat Day!

On International Cat Day, it is only right to talk about the history and popularity of cats in different countries around the world, to remind you to give your cats the love they deserve (and often demand).  

Cats in Egypt 

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Jul 18, '2022

Summer Dog Walks UK

If you’re staying in the UK (again) for your summer holidays, you might be taking your dogs with you, especially if you have hikes or a countryside get away planned. With lots of beautiful walks and hikes in the UK, both easy and for the more experienced, you will find the perfect walk for your four-legged friends. Here’s some lovely hikes and walks here in the UK: 

The Old Man of Coniston (Experienced Level) 

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Jul 11, '2022

Lost Pet Awareness Month

It can be heart breaking to realise our furry friends have gone missing, so since July is Lost Pet Awareness Month here are 6 top tips to help prevent losing your pet.  

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Jul 4, '2022

3 Ways to Help a Hot Horse

Summer is finally here! Glorious as it is, don’t you sometimes feel too hot? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Our pets can struggle too, especially in heatwaves. So, let’s take a special look at horses today, and how we can help them with overheating through the hot and humid weather.

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Jun 27, '2022

Keeping Rabbits Cool in Summer Months

Rabbits are unable to regulate their body temperature and can experience heat stress and heatstroke which can be fatal. As they struggle with unexpected changes to the temperature it is our responsibility to help them cool and prevent heat stroke.  

Look out for these signs and symptoms if you think your rabbit is experiencing heat stroke:  

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Jun 13, '2022

Bringing my Puppy Home - How to Prepare

Having a new puppy in your home is an exciting thing but it can also be unnerving for both you and your new pet. Before brining your pet home ensure to research the breed specific needs. This guide will help you prepare for the arrival of your new pet and ensure it has the best start in life!


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