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Feb 21, '2022

Pet Dental Health Month

February is pet dental health month, just like we regularly clean and check our teeth and gums, it is important to do the same for our pets! 

Here are 6 tips to help prevent dental problems and keep your pets' mouth clean and healthy:  

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Feb 15, '2022

Prevent Pet Theft - Ways to Protect your Pet

Under government plans, people who steal a canine companion could face up to five years in jail if convicted of dog abduction, under a proposed new criminal offence.

Pet thieves, dognappers, certain members of the public and organised groups have been taking pets unlawfully; around 2000 dogs were reported stolen last year.  

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Feb 7, '2022

Get Fixed - Spay & Neuter Awareness

February is Spay & Neuter Awareness Month in the UK – and we think it’s an important campaign to get behind! While neutering isn’t always suitable for every pet, it is recommended by many animal welfare organisations. Not only can spaying and/or neutering provide physical health benefits for your pet, but it prevents conception of unwanted litters and in turn, animal homelessness.

Find out more about fixing procedures, what to expect for your pet, and how it may benefit the larger animal community – below:

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Jan 31, '2022

Wet vs. Dry - what food is best for my pet?

What did the hungry Dalmatian say when he had some kibble? That hit the spot!

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Jan 23, '2022

Pack Walking Myths Debunked

The UK has seen a huge boom in dog ownership over the last 2 years which doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Professional dog walkers are in demand and are a necessity for many to make modern dog owning work.

There are some wonderful individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your dog, but as an unregulated industry there are also some who would think nothing of putting your dog in with a daunting amount of other dogs who are entirely unsuitable and risk your dog safety, mental wellbeing and in doing so their behaviour and happiness. Here are some Myths debunked and questions answered to help you choose a good dog walker.

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Jan 10, '2022

Raw Food: Trend or Trustworthy?

You may have heard all about the latest craze in feeding our cats and dogs – the raw food diet. But what is it, why are people going nuts for it, and is it worth the hype? Let’s take a look.

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Jan 3, '2022

New Years Resolution for Your Pet

It’s officially the New Year, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably ringing it in with a resolution or two! If getting fit and healthy is on your list for 2022, why not make your pet an accountability partner?

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Dec 28, '2022

The French Revolution: 2021’s Hottest Dog

What is 2021’s Top Dog?

For the last 10 years, if not longer, Labrador Retrievers have held the top spot as the most common pet dog in the UK. Since 2011, over 30,000 new Labradors have been registered every single year in the country, according to The Kennel Club. If we go back to that same year, only 2,771 French Bulldogs were registered. Jump to 2020 however, and they are rivalling Labradors for popularity, both sitting in the 39,000 range. If this trend continues, they could snatch the top spot when the end of 2021 rolls around. Just how did they do it?

Affectionately called Frenchies, these debatably so-ugly-they’re-cute pooches (though I disagree, I think they’re just cute!) have a lot of pros for a modern lifestyle:

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Dec 20, '2021

How to keep your pets safe at Christmas

Christmas is that magical time of the year when most of us get in the holiday spirit by indulging in seasonal food, enjoying time with friends & family, and decorating the house with festive accessories - usually with the Christmas tree as the star of the show!

But as we enjoy the holidays, it’s also important to keep our pets in mind. Check out our tips for keeping your pets safe, healthy, and happy throughout the Christmas season.

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