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Sep 13, '2021

Why you need a cat sitter

September is Pet Sitter Education month, which promotes educational awareness on the benefits of using a pet sitter. Getting away for the weekend? Although, your cat might be fine on its own for a couple of days, hiring a cat sitter is the best way to ensure your cat is ‘feline fine!’

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Jul 13, '2021

Hydration awareness for your pets

As we enter the summer month of July (and finally get some warm weather!) we must remember and bring our attention to National Pet Hydration awareness month. As animal lovers, we care for the wellbeing and health of our pets and hydration is extremely important for your pets.

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Jan 25, '2021

Looking for a cat? Adopt, don't shop.

So, you want to add a cute furbaby to your family group; what are your first thoughts? Are you thinking of breeds? Colours? Long hair versus shorthair? (Because after all, you will need to clean up the hair that is shed) Where will your cat sleep and play? Will you need a cat flap? What is your approach to making a decision? Would it involve a family discussion or are you just going to find one you personally are drawn to? And finally, but importantly, where will you go to find your new pet?

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Dec 3, '2020

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pets

Many of us love to be able to include our pets in the Christmas festivities. It is a time of giving and, as our pets are members of our family, we enjoy being able to gift them something as well!

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Aug 12, '2019

Are cats good for our mental health?

When we choose an animal as our pet, there are many options and for those of us who want a furry friend in our home but have hectic lives, we may turn to a feline for company. Perhaps it’s the independence of this much-loved animal, having become a traditionally domestic pet for many years; there’s nothing quite like coming home and petting our cats. 

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Aug 7, '2019

Cats: From hunters to housemates

Cats have been domesticated for about 10,000 years, but how did we do it?

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May 14, '2018

Cat Sitting vs Catteries

Usually, your cat will be happiest and most confident in his own home. Like any pet, your cat can feel abandoned when left by their owner especially if they have never experienced this before. Your cat has no idea if and when you will return which can prove quite stressful for them. Keeping their territory and being looked after in their own home is the best solution for most cats. But what other benefits does cat sitting have?

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Nov 28, '2017

Purr-fect Christmas Presents for your Kitty

Even at We Love Pets we don’t know what cats make of Christmas, except that the wrapping paper, string and bows are fantastic extra playthings for them to enjoy chasing and catching. However, we are often asked by owners what they can buy their favourite feline as a ‘proper’ present so here are some ideas that we think they will appreciate receiving as much as you enjoy giving.

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