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Jul 18, '2022

Summer Dog Walks UK

If you’re staying in the UK (again) for your summer holidays, you might be taking your dogs with you, especially if you have hikes or a countryside get away planned. With lots of beautiful walks and hikes in the UK, both easy and for the more experienced, you will find the perfect walk for your four-legged friends. Here’s some lovely hikes and walks here in the UK: 

The Old Man of Coniston (Experienced Level) 

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May 11, '2022

Surviving Tick Season

The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the air feels a bit warmer – who doesn’t love spring!? However, it has one downside: tick season has started, and will last until the end of autumn.

That being said, animals can pick up ticks all year round, so it’s always good to be aware of how we can keep our precious pets safe, even outside of tick season.

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Apr 25, '2022

Does your Pet Have Allergies?

Did you know that just like humans, animals can suffer from pollen allergies? Summer days are great, but for those with allergies, when the pollen count is high, that means irritation and discomfort for pets with hay fever.  


How to know if your pet has an allergy?  

The cause of allergies in pets and humans is the same, however the signs and symptoms are different.  

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Apr 18, '2022

How Much Exercise Does my Dog Need?

During the global pandemic getting out for a daily walk become the most essential part of our day. Keeping you mentally and physically fit, as well as being the only form of an ‘outing’. 

Majority of us are now hooked to our regular walks. It's only natural that we want to bring our canine companions on our walks with us. However, is this always what’s best? You could be over exercising your dog.  

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Mar 14, '2022

8 Benefits of Dog Walking

We all know that exercise is good for us, and every little bit of physical activity helps us improve our individual health and wellbeing. But did you know that getting out for a dog walk can offer added benefits? Check out all of the ways dog walking is good for you and your canine companion below:

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Nov 30, '2021

4 Winter Walk Warnings

Autumn is well and truly here!

As the days get shorter and colder (and we get a little grumpier) heading into winter, there are plenty of new dangers to watch out for in keeping our pets safe when we’re out and about. Whether you let your dog, cat, or another pet outdoors, take note of these warnings.

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Nov 15, '2021

Which lead is best for my dog?

With so many leads on the market, and countless opinions on them all, choosing the right lead for your dog can be a tough task! Leads are an important training tool, and they’re used on a daily basis, so it matters which one you pick. Whether you’re looking for style, function, or performance, there’s a lead for every dog.

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Nov 9, '2021

Dog Walker vs. Day Care – which is best?

If you’re out of the house for long periods during the day, it’s important to have care arranged for your dog. Ideally, dogs shouldn’t be left for more than 6-8 hours without a break, and puppies needs even more frequent checks. When evaluating the options for your pup’s care, there’s lots to take into consideration.

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Oct 18, '2021

6 Autumn Activities to do with your dog

Autumn is a wonderful time for dog owners to spend more quality time with their best friends. With the summer heat behind us, here are some fun activities you can do this fall while spending bonding time with your pup!

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