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Jun 27, '2022

Keeping Rabbits Cool in Summer Months

Rabbits are unable to regulate their body temperature and can experience heat stress and heatstroke which can be fatal. As they struggle with unexpected changes to the temperature it is our responsibility to help them cool and prevent heat stroke.  

Look out for these signs and symptoms if you think your rabbit is experiencing heat stroke:  

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Jul 13, '2021

Hydration awareness for your pets

As we enter the summer month of July (and finally get some warm weather!) we must remember and bring our attention to National Pet Hydration awareness month. As animal lovers, we care for the wellbeing and health of our pets and hydration is extremely important for your pets.

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Jul 30, '2019

Five places you can buy ice cream for dogs in the UK

We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers where they've seen ice cream for dogs sold... here are five of their favourite places:

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Jul 24, '2019

Dehydration in dogs - what to do if you suspect your dog is dehydrated

Water supports every function of the body and it is a vital nutrient for life. It aids in digestion and helps the body to absorb other nutrients in the stomach and intestine. Water also provides lubrication to the joints, spinal cord and muscles and helps to remove waste products via the kidney and colon. The colon will reabsorb water into the body if the dog is dehydrated but this in turn will cause faeces to become dry and the dog will likely be constipated.

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Jul 8, '2019

Summer survival tips for dogs!

Summertime can be tricky for dogs. They don’t sweat like humans do and therefore can be vulnerable to dehydration and overheating when the weather gets warmer. There are plenty of things dog owners and carers can do to alleviate this. Here are some cool (see what we did there?) ideas from We Love Pets HQ:

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Jun 4, '2018

Dangers to your dog in summer


Most, if not all, dogs can’t resist the lure of water, especially on a hot day. However beware of letting them go into ponds or rivers where algae – a blue-green or green paint-like scum – is growing. Some types produce toxins that can be irritants, or even lethally poisonous. And do not forget that although most dogs like water, not all dogs are good swimmers! Dogs can and do drown in rivers and the sea. If your pet has a near drowning experience they should see a vet, as complications can develop following inhalation of water.

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Aug 7, '2017

Summer insect stings

Tips for insect stings 

This time of year we see a lot of 'busy bees’ buzzing around in midsummer. Bees and wasps are more active as the temperatures tend to be over 13 degrees Celsius in July and August.

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Jul 28, '2017

Best paddling pools for dogs

Paddling pools are the perfect solution to cooling your dog down. Most paddling pools are inflatable, and combined with sharp claws, they are likely to burst. There are plenty of paddling pools that are more dog friendly and should last all summer and more.

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Jul 28, '2017

Dog ice lolly recipes


During the hot summer months, your dog can get very hot very quickly and it can be a challenge to cool them down. Ice lollies are a great way to keep your dog occupied whilst cooling them down. They are so easy to make and you can change the recipe to cater to your pooch. Here are some sweet and savoury recipes to suit all taste buds.

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